My body aches just to be seen,

My skin full of scars, past traumas unseen.

I yearn for a world free of shame

Where I can be safe, without fear and blame.

For so long, l've kept this pain boxed in.

Too scared of the judgement, too scared of the sin.

My emotions are a powerful contradiction,

Hope and despair, this feeling is a warped addiction.

But I won't give in to fear and I won't be afraid to reignite the fire to fight!

The strength that lies within my core

No one will ever hurt me like this anymore.

I know the risks, I understand the stakes My scars will open, my heart will break.

But with courage and grace, I shall emerge

My healing a truth, this fire I'll purge.

It's not a path ever wanted to take

But I'm ready to learn from my mistakes.

My story will be told as a reminder to all, That it matters to rise regardless of the fall.

(β—“_β—“) π™Έπš—πš”πšπ™½πš‚πšπš˜πš—πšŽπš


"Crafted with Care. Poetry and Serenity Converged."