Through the Storm

To love a heroin addict is to love a storm,

A tempest that rages, a heart that's torn.

It's a love that's tested, time and again,

A love that's fragile, a love that bends.

It's a love that's patient, a love that's kind,

A love that seeks to understand the mind.

The mind of one who's lost, in the grip of addiction,

A soul that's hurting, seeking redemption.

It's a love that's hopeful, a love that believes,

In the power of love, to help one leave

Leave the darkness behind, and step into the light,

To find a way back, to a life that was bright.

To love a heroin addict is to love with


A love that's forgiving, a love that's in the race.

To never give up, to never give in,

To hold on tight, through thick and thin.

It's a love that's painful, a love that's raw,

A love that's selfless, a love that gives all.

But in the end, it's a love that's true,

A love that shines, a love that sees through.

For in the midst of the storm, there's a heart that beats.

A soul that's worth it, a soul that seeks,

A way back home, a way to be free,

A way to find love, a way to see.

So love the heroin addict, with all your might,

Love them through the darkness, love them through the night,

And one day, you'll see, the storm will fade,

And in its place, a love that's stayed.


"Crafted with Care. Poetry and Serenity Converged."