Amidst the shadows of my mind,

The demons of the past entwined,

A ghostly presence, haunting still,

A memory that time cannot kill.

The horror of that fateful night,

The screams that echoed, endless fright,

The shattered pieces of my soul,

Forever broken, beyond control.

The flashbacks come, unbidden, strong,

A cruel reminder, of all that's wrong,

The smell of filth, the taste of fear,

A terror that's always, always near.

The weight of guilt, that drags me down,

A constant burden, a thorny crown,

The thoughts that race, a never-ending stream,

A nightmare that's not just a dream.

The world grows dark, the air grows cold,

A darkness that never seems to unfold,

The past that's trapped me, I cannot flee,

A prisoner, of my own history.

But in the depths of my despair,

A glimmer of hope, beyond compare,

The love of those who stand by me,

A light that shines, eternally.

So though the demons may still haunt,

And the memories will forever taunt,

I'll hold on tight, to hope and love,

And rise above, the terror of.

For though the scars may never heal,

And the pain may always feel,

I'll keep on fighting, day by day,

Until the darkness fades away.

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"Crafted with Care. Poetry and Serenity Converged."