purple roses in a dark room

Wings to Fly

Oh, to be a bird and soar

Above the chaos, harsh words, and more

To leave behind the narcissism

Of my home and all its schism.

To see the world from up above

And feel the wind with gentle love

To leave behind the hurt and pain

And find my peace, my heart to gain.

To leave behind the weight of doubt

And rise above, without a shout

To be a bird, to be so free

To find the place that's meant for me.

Oh, let me fly, and leave behind

The turmoil of the human mind

To find a place of solace, rest

Where I can feel my soul's behest.

And if I must return someday

I'll bring with me a brighter ray

Of hope and light, of love and grace

And share with those in that old place.

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"Crafted with Care. Poetry and Serenity Converged."